Vent-Axia has led the field for innovation and manufacture of indoor air quality mechanical ventilation for over 80 years. Vent-Axia ventilation products embrace connectivity with wireless connections, app control and integration with smart home systems.

At Daly Renewables, we supply and install Vent-Axia specialist heat recovery and demand control systems as part of our bespoke renewable energy system design for residential and commercial buildings.

We encourage our clients to consider installing a Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation (MHRV) system. Our stance on MHRV is that it is vital in buildings optimised for insulation and air tightness to omit the build up of mould and condensation. Furthermore a MHRV system will reduce your overall energy costs due the heat recovery function. Finally a further benefit of MHRV is that it results in a much healthier indoor environment, whether at home or work. In this current period of time of mitigating against the Covid-19 pandemic, MHRV provides an added layer of protection and peace of mind.

Contact us for further information on a Vent-Axia mechanical heat recovery ventilation system as part of your renewable energy heating system.