Solar Panel Installation

Jury’s Inn, Derby, England

Daly Renewable Energy Systems installed

  • 8 x no. 30 Tube Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors
  • High Temperature Mapress Copper Pipework System
  • Solar Pumping Station
  • Controls & Expansion Vessel to items fitted

Problem to be solved

As with any hotel, there is a huge demand on hot water. The challenge was to install a Solar Hot Water system that would maximise the volume of free hot water that could be generated


Installation of a solar thermal system on the hotel’s flat roof, which was the perfect south facing aspect required to achieve optimum efficiency. Daly also recommended the installation of a solar dual pump and a 750 litre pre-heat buffer vessel to further reduce the hotel’s overall utility bills.

The full story

Daly calculated the maximum load that could be installed on the hotel’s flat roof, which was the only suitable aspect for the thermal panels.

It was calculated that 8 Evacuated Tubes was the optimum load on the flat roof of the hotel.

Daly project managed the complete solar system installation. This involved the supply and installation of an energy efficient solar dual pump station in the hotel’s boiler house, together with a 750 litre pre-heat buffer vessel, which heats the mains water entering building.