Cookstown, Co Tyrone – Retrofit

October 22 2012
System Installed

8.5Kw Air Source Heat Pump


The client approached Daly to ascertain if there was a means with which to fix the issue they were experiencing with insufficient heating and hot water provided from existing 5Kw Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP).

Daly conducted an in-depth survey of the existing GSHP system, and calculated the heat loss in the house to be 7.7Kw. Furthermore, no evidence was found of integration between the underfloor heating system and the heat pump. The hot water system was gravity fed with a booster pump.


Further to the results of the survey, Daly recommended the best course of action would be to install a 8.5Kw Air Source Heat Pump

Full Story

The homeowner installed a 5Kw Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) 7 years ago, but since the beginning it has never provided sufficient heating and hot water. To further compound matters, the compressor had been replaced twice and eventually stopped working.

Daly found that there was no evidence of an integrated heating system, with the underfloor heating poorly designed and the hot water system gravity fed with a booster pump. The heat loss in the house was calculated to be 7.7Kw which was incongruent to a low energy home.

We recommended that the most cost effective course of action was to replace the existing Ground Source Heat Pump and gravity fed hot water system with a new Air Source Heat Pump and pressurised 210L geothermal hot water cylinder.

The newly integrated Renewable Energy System provides all the household’s heating and hot water. The client’s are happy to report a very comfortable and warm home, after 7 years of living with the consequences of a poorly designed and installed system.

“I was very pleased with the professional service and the in depth survey undertaken by Daly with regard to my project. A high standard of workmanship was evident by all of the team throughout the installation which was carried out in a speedy and clean manner. For the first time in 7 years, I have heating and hot water which I am delighted with.” Cookstown Homeowner