Monaghan, Republic of Ireland – Retrofit

October 12 2011
​Systems Installed

14.5kw Air Source Heat Pump

Daly Retrofit Controller System

Electric wiring


Reducing annual oil fired heating bill of €2200 in a 4 year old, 35002ft home in Co Monaghan.


Daly advised retrofitting an Air Source Heat Pump connecting it to the existing oil fired boiler via a Daly Retrofit control system. The existing oil fired condenser boiler remains in place to heat water and as a backup.

Full Story

A higher initial capital spend on a Renewable Energy System veered the owners of this 3500²ft 4 year old home towards installing old fired heating. However, the resulting annual heating bill of €2200 forced them to rethink and in July 2012 they approached Daly to explore the possibility of retrofitting an Air Source Heat Pump.

At the time of building, the homeowners had installed Underfloor Heating throughout the ground floor, with large double convector radiators on the first floor. They had also installed a Solar Hot Water system connected into a pressurised hot water cylinder.

After a detailed client brief, Daly carried out an in-depth survey to determine the most suitable approach to retrofitting a Renewable Energy System to this particular home. We recommended a heat pump to provide the heat for the full house, upstairs and downstairs. We calculated a running cost simulation, based on the client switching to an Economy 7 electricity tariff*.

By installing a 14.5kw Air Source Heat Pump, we advised that the client’s could expect a heating bill reduced by €850.00 per annum. This represents a saving of over 60% in the household heating bill.

Daly installed an integrated controller to ensure that the control of the air source heat pump and the existing boiler would run seamlessly and automatically. The controller system was designed and manufactured by Daly specifically for the retrofit market.

The Daly team took complete control of the retrofit, project managing and installing all aspects, including the electrics. The project ran smoothly on time and on budget, with the homeowners simply needing to arrange for the electricity provider to change the metre over to Economy 7.

On the initial few months, the clients reported that their electricity bills were in line with the expected costs that Daly had set out in its initial calculations.

*Economy 7 provides a cheaper electricity rate alternative if heating is run more at night time.