Queen’s Quarter Church gets a complete renewed life

October 8 2014

The contract is to design, install and commission a system that includes an Air Source Heat Pump, modern efficient electrical radiators, a Roth Clima Comfort low profile underfloor heating system, insulation and ventilation measures.

The Belfast Filipino community has bought the church and is embarking on a complete renovation which will breathe new life into the 1937 heritage building. The community’s far sighted approach has led them to contact Daly, to design a Renewable Energy System as part of the renovation project.

We are excited about this project as it will showcase how low energy technologies can be retrofitted and employed in an old building. Crucially, the project architects have involved Daly at the very early stages so we can make an impact on key design decisions that will ensure that the potential low energy values can be maximised.

Update from Iglesia NI Cristo

As the heating season draws near (after what can only be described as an Indian Summer in the month of September!), Daly is closing in on the final stages of completion of the project. As the project came to its final few weeks, we were one of the last trades on site to install our Underfloor Heating System. The first week of Septmber saw the installation of our 22kw Ecoforest Air Source Heat Pump by Gerard and Michael which is the first Ecoforest Heat Pump to be installed in Ireland. This followed on quickly with the installation of the Roth Underfloor Heating System. The 25mm Roth Low Profile Roth Panels which were manufactured at the Roth Headquarters in Germany are ideal for retrofit projects and were installed over 3 days. The Contractor fitted Plywood and Carpet Tiles immediatley on top of this. The system was commissioned on the 3rd week of September and after a few calls to Ecoforests Headqaurters we were up and running with the machine running at an average COP of 3.5 which is very good for an old Building! The final part of the jigsaw was the installation of the Ventilation System and the insulation measures which included the installation of open cell spray foam in the basement and the laying of rockwool in the main roofspace of the Church. We will monitor and tweak the heating system over the next few weeks before arranging to do a demonstration to the Church followed by the handover of the Operation and Maintenance Manuals for all the Systems we have installed.

08/10/14 Update

We called out to meet the Church Representatitves on 07/10/14 to provide them with our own bespoke Operation and Maintenance Manual for the Heating & Ventilation System installed in the Church. Not only was the Church nice and warm with the heat from the New Underfloor Heating and Air Source Heat Pump System, but it is also running very efficiently. The COP of the heat pump is currently at 5.0 and this is displayed on the heat pump Controller as can be seen from the image below.