Renewable Energy Seminar in Dunboyne Castle

November 14 2014

The next Daly Seminar is at Dunboyne Castle, Co Meath, on Saturday 22 November 2014, 10am-12pm.

Our series of seminars are aimed at debunking the myths surrounding Renewable Technologies. Not only will these seminars be informative and enlightening, but they will explain the importance of an integrated approach to Renewable Energy Systems.

This seminar is a must if any of the following statements applies to you:

  • You interested in reducing your energy bills
  • Confused about the different types of renewable energy technologies
  • Want to know the most efficient way of combining renewable energy technologies in your home

At Daly we realise that Renewable Technologies can be difficult to get your head around as for most of us they are still new and far removed from the heating systems that we grew up with. However, at our seminars, we aim to give you the peace of mind that with a system designed specifically for your situation and needs and which is expertly installed, you will have a warm, comfortable, low energy home.

The seminars will be hosted by Renewable Energy expert and Managing Director, Ryan Daly.

Ryan is an Environmental Engineer who has built up over 10 years’ experience in the renewable energies sector. A consummate professional, Ryan prides himself in bringing an objective and straightforward approach to the subject.