Underfloor heating systems: the importance of the correct specification of insulation and screed for underfloor heating systems.

March 23 2021

Underfloor heating systems have improved immensely in the last 10 years due to product and process innovations from leading manufacturers, but also due to the high level of training and accreditation of trusted suppliers. It is important that the technical details of the insulation and screed for an Underfloor Heating System are specific to the type of build construction.

In the renewable energy technologies section, we talked about underfloor heating as the most efficient and effective heat emitter for both ground and air source heat pumps. The reason for this is that underfloor heating provides a lower flow temperature which results in a higher coefficient of performance (COP) from the heat pump system. By virtue, this drives down running costs.

Typically, underfloor heating will operate at a maximum flow temperature of 35℃ compared to 80℃ with radiators, which is a much safer environment should there be children running around.

Recommended specification of insulation and screed depending on your build type.

The specification of the insulation and screed are important aspects to be considered when installing underfloor heating systems. The application, or specification depends on whether the building is a new building, an existing building, a small extension or a large commercial building. When we are responsible for the design and installation of your renewable energy system, we undertake to work alongside your architect and builder. We provide the architect and builder with the complete technical details we require to ensure a smooth installation. This means that any technical design details are considered in the architects’ drawings and in the build.

To demonstrate this, the table below provides a synopsis of the different methods of installation design we have used in typical build constructions. This is not exhaustive, but it highlights the importance of taking the building type and construction method into account when designing the underfloor heating system and installation process.

Daly Renewables is a Roth accredited supplier and installer

We install the European leading Roth underfloor heating systems. Every single component of the underfloor heating systems we install at Daly Renewables are from the Roth system.  We are an accredited Roth supplier which means that we provide the Roth 10-year system warranty. This is supplied to you as part of your Daly Renewables Energy System handover pack.

Re-cap on the benefits

To re-cap, the benefits of underfloor heating systems, combined with an air or ground source heat pump are:

  • It is a cost-efficient means of heating the space (room or building), as the heat is emitted at a low temperature resulting in a higher COP from the heat pump.
  • With our track record and the Roth 10 year warranty, you have the reassurance to put your trust in the system we recommend and install.
  • With a Daly Renewables energy system you have one point of responsibility for all the renewable energy components in your home.
  • Wall space is freed up, resulting in more usable space in the room.
  • If you have children running around, underfloor heating provides a safer environment as there are no hot glowing heaters. There are also less edges for them to knock-off.
  • The installation cost of an underfloor heating system is on a par with a radiator system.

If you are considering installing a renewable energy heating system for your home or business, it is definitely worth considering an underfloor heating system, whether it is for a retrofit or new build. Contact us by email or give us a call to discuss your project further.