Why should you choose Daly for your Project?

November 3 2015

Since 2010 Daly Renewables has emerged as a leading renewable energy company in the UK & Ireland offering the following unique features over and above its competitors…

Single Point Responsibility – Design/ Install & Commission Heating & Renewable Energy Systems. Our success to date has been based around Daly being a single point of contact by specialising in integrating Renewable Energy & Heating Systems on site.

Advice on Insulation & Air tightness – At Daly we can give you advice on different forms of insulation and air tightness measures to consider for your project as we realise the importance that this has in creating a low energy home.

Install Quality European Products – Agents for Roth Underfloor Heating (Top Selling System in Germany for the last 4 years running) Ecoforest, Hitachi & Dimplex Heat Pumps.
These companies supply highly efficient equipment and provide excellent technical support.

Design Service – Nothing is left to chance at Daly. Calculations/ Drawings & Specifications are provided for each project to ensure our engineering approaching comes to the fore and equipment is sized meticulously.

Site Co-ordination – We coordinate the installation of our services with the homeowners (we seek their approval on the location of equipment), the builder and the electrician and provide them with detailed specifications and drawings to assist us in providing a first class installation. We can also provide our own electrician to wire our systems if required.

Engineer Led Approach – We do not employ Sales People. Our staff are Engineers through and through so in the unlikely situation that you did have a problem, we can solve it!

Experts in Retrofit Market – At Daly we have a wealth of experience in retrofitting renewable technologies in existing properties. Savings of up to 70% on heating costs can and have been made by switching to a more efficient system designed and installed by us. See the News & Case Study Section on our website for further details.

Bespoke User Manual – We have handwritten our own User manual which covers all the systems we install. This outlines the key information on how to trouble shoot any problems, how to programme each system so that it operates efficiently and it has a Maintenance Table which covers the maintenance requirements for each technology.

Excellent Back-Up Service – Loyalty is important to us. We appreciate that investing in Renewable Energy Systems can in some cases have a higher than capital cost than conventional systems and we remain loyal to customers we have had from Day One. We endeavour to attend site if there is an urgent problem within 24-48 hours.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us.