Storage Battery

A further step in being in control of your own energy supply and cost now and into the future, is to store your own energy by installing a storage battery. There are some excellent smart storage battery options on the market that are suitable for domestic settings. If you choose to include photovoltaic (PV) solar, it is worth considering investing in a storage battery as it boosts the efficiency and effectiveness of your renewable energy system.

The job of the storage battery is to store the excess energy produced during the peak daytime sunshine hours so you can use the stored energy when you need it in the evening and early morning. Most households with a photovoltaic and storage battery combo can self-generate around 80% of their annual electricity consumption. This result means that you are generating your own clean energy supply, thereby your energy costs will be significantly lower than the market-led electricity rates.

One of the storage batteries we have been installing in recent times is the Sonnen Batterie which is an intelligent storage system. It is intelligent in that the battery technology analyses your household consumption behaviour in tandem with the weather forecast to ensure you benefit from as much of your generated electricity as possible, for example:

  • Morning is a time of day when generation of electricity is low, but demand is high. The Sonnen Battery releases energy stored from the previous day.
  • Midday is the time for maximum electricity generation by the sun, but low demand as (mostly) no one is home during the day. The Sonnen Battery conserves the energy so you can benefit from it when you get home.
  • Evening time generates minimal electricity but is the time of day with the highest demand.

Furthermore, if you have an electric vehicle (EV) or plan to get one in the near future, you can also power it from your self-generated electricity. We will consult with you to calculate the size of battery you need to power your home and EV, thereby maximising your household energy efficiency.

If you would like to read more about the Sonnen Batterie, we have provided a few links for you to study:

To discuss a storage battery as part of your renewable energy system, give us a call or drop us an email.

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