Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating releases a constant ambient heat, unlike the intense heat we are used to with conventional radiators. This means goodbye to the days of waiting for the house to warm up when the kids come in from school or you come in from work in the evenings.

There are many myths about underfloor heating brought about by years of poor planning, workmanship and lack of understanding. At Daly Renewables, our mission is to explore those myths and educate people on the efficiency and many benefits of properly installed and commissioned underfloor heating.

Underfloor Heating Vs Conventional Radiators

Underfloor heating is a radiant form of heating which helps to create a consistent ambient heat in the heated space unlike radiators which are a forced convective heat. As the heat is coming from the floor below there are no hot or cold spots in the room which are normally associated with radiator systems. The heated floor is warm on your feet and also helps to kill off dust mites in the home. It is the perfect heat emitter when combined with ground or air source heat pumps as the lower flow temperature will allow for a higher coefficient of performance (COP) from the associated heat pump system which helps to drive down running costs. Typically Underfloor Heating will operate at a maximum flow temperature of 35℃ compared to 80℃ with radiators. It frees up wall space and avoids the risk of glowing hot radiators which can be a risk when there are young children in the home. One thing that might come to the surprise of most people is that the installation cost is on par per square metre with a radiator system, which may not have been the case 10 or 15 years ago when underfloor heating was less common.

As the inventor of the Tacker system, Roth is among the leading suppliers of radiant heating and cooling systems. With millions of systems proving their worth out in the field, Roth comes equipped with years of experience and thus with the greatest amount of technological know-how. Every single component for the Underfloor Systems we install are sourced from Roth and this enables us to provide the 10 year system warranty that comes with each installation.

Roth Underfloor heating system designed and installed by the Daly Renewables team.

Underfloor Heating Controls

We design the heating controls to suit each project in-house as the level of control can vary depending on the type of installation. We offer smart heating control systems on most new projects. The Heat Pumps we install come with their own bespoke user interface. We place a lot of emphasis on system design and balancing to ensure the rooms that need the most heat get the required flow to achieve the desired room temperature.

New Build & Retrofit Installation Methods

There are a number of options for installing underfloor heating systems in new and existing buildings. We have designed underfloor systems to work in a range of buildings, from small extensions to large commercial buildings. If we undertake to design and install a complete project for you we will work alongside the architect and builder by providing the complete technical details required to ensure a smooth installation.

Underfloor Heating Warranty

There are numerous types of underfloor heating systems on the market some offering 50 year guarantees and others such as our Roth system offering a 10 year manufacturers insurance backed warranty. The company that offer the allusive 50 year guarantee may cover the cost of replacing a damaged pipe but the other potential damage to the property such as water ingress due to a potential leak, which would be a significantly higher cost, would not be covered with this type of guarantee. We can provide the Roth System Warranty which covers consequential damages up to €5 million (euro) if a component failed and caused severe damage to the fabric of the building. Furthermore, this warranty is valid for 10 years from the date of installation.

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